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How to Catch a Bird

There are several tricks to catching birds.  First, be sure that you remember that your hand is immensely strong compared to this tiny bird.  If you keep trying for a very long time without success, the birds will become overly exhausted.  Try to avoid this.

Nets can be purchased for catching birds.  This works better in a large cage or flight.  Removing some of the perches sometimes helps.  When a bird is on the perch, move your hand toward him from the rear.  Totally encompass the bird with your hand, not squeezing too hard but just hard enough that he can not escape.  If you make sure that his head is covered with your fingers, he will be more calm.

The best trick I have found for catching birds is to do it in total darkness.  They virtually will not move when it is dark.  You sometimes can push them off the perch before they will move.  Of course you need to be aware that, while its is dark, they may get scared and fly into the wall of the cage.  I have not had any bird get injured with this method, but you do need to be careful.  So, how do you see?  I usually leave on a night light to give me some light.  I stand by the cage until they are calm, notice where the desired bird is, turn off the light, grab the bird, and turn on the light.  IT WORKS GREAT!

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