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Where in house do I put my birds?  There are many considerations when providing a place for your birds to live.  Recommendations will vary a little depending on whether these are pet birds or you want to setup multiple pairs for breeding.  For pet birds, choose a place where the family spends time.  You want to enjoy the birds, so put them where you can see and hear
them.  They can be a little messy so donít put them above your kitchen counter.  Seeds and seed husks will be falling onto the counter.

Select a place that get a lot of light.  Direct sunlight is ok, but you must be careful.  They need to be able to get out of the direct sunlight which could get very hot.  Zebras basically need the same temperature as we people do.

If you have small children, the cage needs to be out of reach.  The same goes for other pets that cannot control the temptation.  Most other pets can be trained to leave the birds alone.  You will need to simply be watchful of the situation and deal with it.

Do not place the cage where it will get a draft.  In cold climates a draft can be cold and very uncomfortable.  Remember, the birds are stuck in that cage.  They can not go to a different room to find comfort.  Air conditioning can also create an uncomfortable draft.

Zebras are very hardy birds.  Just remember that if you would not like to be where you put their cage, then they probably do not like it either.

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