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Pedigree Software for Your Birds

If you like to keep track of the pedigree of your birds, this is just the thing for you. 

Each bird gets an ID, like the leg band color and number.  The father's and mother's ID is recorded for each bird.  A pedigree chart can be displayed and printed.  Each bird has its own 'card', as in a card file.  Information stored on each bird includes: ID, name, date of birth, sex, father, mother, breed, color, cage, miscellaneous note, and status.  Status is Active, Quarantine, Dead, or Sold.  Information about who it was sold to can be noted. 

Multiple breeds of birds can be tracked.  Reports can be displayed and printed listing information about all birds or birds selected by specified criteria.

Pedigree reports and chart can be displayed and printed showing up to four generations of ancestors (a total of up to 31 individuals). The graphic shown here is the displayed chart. By clicking on an individual ID, information of that individual is shown.

A demo database is included.  When you are finished viewing the demo data and want your own data, simply delete all the demo records.  The software can be registered simply by emailing me for the price and the registration code.

Requires Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista

Version 2.13 of PED Pedigree Software is here!

Many new features:
- New Button Bar for quick access to the most used features.
- ID field has increased to 16 characters in length.
- New 'Mark' field on cards.  If you want to work with a random set of cards (like print, delete, or list) simply use the Mark field to indicate these cards.
- Two new 'Status' categories: Breeder and Quarantine.
- New navigation arrows.  Now you can advance 10 cards at a time, as well as 1 at a time and first and last.
- New query selection to display cards in list form.  List only cards that qualify by your specified info.
- Cage Notes. Write as much info as you want on each cage.  Keep tack on all that you want for each cage.
- New Color Report.  Lists each individual, father, and mother, along with the color of each.
- Print a Certificate, in two styles.

Current users be sure to backup your existing data!!!!
Your existing data files will be automatically converted to work with the new version.  But to be safe...Be sure to backup your existing data!!!!

If you have any questions or problems with it, please let me know.

(Software not available at this time)

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If you have comments or questions, email me at info@zbirds.com